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Tony Joe and Associates | Victoria, BC

Tony Joe

Victoria, BC

Tony Joe & Associates are leaders in the Victoria real estate community with a reputation for integrity, dedication and as equally important, we are known for achieving results. Our professional, motivated and trustworthy Team Members are committed to delivering quality service for both buyers and sellers. From the very start of your search to the day of your sale, whether it is a condo, townhouse, cottage, farm, or commercial property that you are looking to buy or sell, we are here to help you with real estate choices.

Sellingtoolz.com increased my internet lead sales productivity from <1% to almost 10% in one year.  This represented an increase in number of new sales, not simply a shift in the numbers.  For years I had enjoyed a 91% repeat and referral business, but I sought a cost-effective and easy addition for new qualified leads.

It should be noted that I dislike leaving my contact information on websites so it was a leap of faith to implement with SellingToolz.  I have since found that those who do sign up are exponentially more qualified and interested:  we have even converted one lead from signup to unconditional sale within 30 days! 

The support and systems have worked well for us and I always look forward to the new products James introduces.  I strongly endorse SellingToolz for anyone seeking a lead generation revenue stream that actually pays off!


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